Community Updates

Spring Updates

Dear Residents,

Here are some updates regarding various project concerning our community:

Elevator Status

The board conducted thorough research and interviews with various elevator service providers and ultimately chose PSEC for the elevator upgrade project. The modernization work is scheduled to begin in the summer and is expected to last between five to six weeks.

Regarding the recent elevator repair, Aaron, a mechanic from PSEC, managed to get the elevator operational again by reattaching the cables, resetting the safety mechanisms, and replenishing the oil. However, we’re encountering an issue where the elevator fails to communicate with the floor selection panels and does not travel the entire length of the elevator shaft as expected—it seems to lose its way. Presently, our technicians are facing difficulties as their computers are unable to interface with the elevator’s system. This particular elevator model is relatively rare and requires a specific software to communicate with it. The PSEC team is actively seeking a compatible computer to resolve this communication issue.

Locks and Security

We’re coordinating with Guardian Security to issue new fob keys to residents. As part of this update, please remove any lock boxes from the front door railing. To maintain a tidy appearance and enhance security, we’ve installed a more discreet lock box for vendor access, marked with a white “V”, located opposite the front door. The current access code is 1153; please ensure the fob is returned and the code scrambled after each use.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the security in the lower parking garage by installing new cameras. This upgrade is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and security of our residents and their property.

Water Damage

Regarding the insurance deductible on our claim after the water damage earlier this year, the cost will be split amongst all unit owners. We expect that PMI will be calculating the exact figure owed by each unit soon, and hope to get that information to you all quickly.

New Landscaper

Angel, from AMC Landscaping, LLC, will begin landscaping services on March 18th. He will provide maintenance every other Monday thereafter.

Community Updates

Junk Hauling

Hello Pinehurst Lane Community,

We’re writing to kindly remind everyone about the disposal of large junk items. Our community spaces and the area around our trash bins have occasionally been used for this purpose, which can unfortunately lead to disruptions in garbage collection and incur additional costs for the community to have the items hauled away. We understand that it can be challenging to dispose of large items, but it is important that we each take responsibility for hauling away our own junk. This helps to keep our shared spaces clean, tidy, and pleasant for everyone, and avoids unnecessary expenses for the community. Let’s continue to work together to maintain the beauty and functionality of our community spaces. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful and responsible community!

Warm regards,
PHL Board of Directors.

Community Updates

Dryer Vent Cleaning

September 15, 2023 9am-3pm

We are finally getting our dryer vents cleaned – this is a required maintenance to our building and will keep us safe from potential fire hazards. This is to inform you/or your tenant that Seattle Vent will need access to your unit on September 15th between 9 am and 3pm. We will have  board members available during the cleaning to provide access and answer questions during the cleaning. If you do not live on the premises please reach out to your renter and let them know. I believe owners are required to let renters know at least 72 hours before anyone enters the premises. We will also place notifications on every door. We are trying to make sure we have a plan for access to every unit.

Thank you,

Pinehurst Condo Association

Community Updates

Water Billing Updates

We’re making important changes to our water and sewer billing system for 2023.
Starting this
September, these charges will be covered directly by the HOA. The intent behind this change is to reduce costs for everyone in our community. Please note HOA dues will remain the same.

The Garage Door
An issue regarding garage use also needs your attention. For everyone’s security, we ask that you please wait until the garage door has completely closed behind your vehicle before you drive away. If the garage door isn’t closing properly, you can reset it: simply hold the ‘Open’ and
‘1’ buttons simultaneously. Within roughly 30 seconds, this should reset the door, allowing it to close as usual.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We believe these changes will contribute to a safer, more financially responsible community.

Warm Regards — Pinehurst Lane Condominiums HOA